Mission Statement

W.I.L.D. — Wisdom Inspired by Learning Differences.

W.I.L.D. is a mentoring program that partners elementary/middle school students with learning differences with college students who have comparable challenges.  The mentor/mentee relationship stems from similar struggles and frustrations experienced in the learning environment and grows into a friendship where mentor and mentee share strategies for overcoming learning obstacles and increasing self-confidence. The mentor/mentee relationship empowers both individuals; the mentor provides a model to the mentee that “you can succeed,” while the mentee validates the tremendous value of the mentor’s experiences and achievements.  From these positive interactions, the mentor and mentee gain an appreciation for the gifts attributed to learning differently.  W.I.L.D. uses project-based activities to provide an energetic forum forpen and honest communication between the mentor and mentee. W.I.L.D. offers hope to all who struggle with learning differences: hope for success, hope for unlimited achievement, and hope for a bright future.