Mentor: “It is great to be able to be part of a program where I can inspire a group of students to follow their dreams. I can relate to some of the struggles the mentees are going through. I have been able to advise mentees on how I overcame my struggles…..Growing up I felt alone, being the only one who had to work extra hard for good grades. But with W.I.L.D., the mentees don’t have to feel that way.”

W.I.L.D. mentors are college students with learning differences that know firsthand the difficulties, both academic and social, associated with learning challenges. Mentors are matched with elementary/middle school students with similar learning differences. Mentors serve as a model of success for their mentees and provide their invaluable experiences. W.I.L.D. mentors become trusted confidants and offer inspiration for their young mentees as they navigate the challenges of grade school. Mentor and mentee meet once a month and work on art or science projects together. The location of meetings will change depending on the project. The dates, times and location of meetings will be posted on the calendar. These projects provide a fun and interactive environment where mentor and mentee can talk openly about difficult topics like feeling isolated from peers, social shortcomings and academic difficulties. In sharing his/her experiences, the mentor is living proof to the mentee that these challenges can be overcome and success is very much in reach.

To become a mentor, please fill out the Mentor Information Form and email to   Once your form is received, someone from WILD will get in touch with you to get you started in the program.