Mentee parent: “This has been the first opportunity for our kids to interact and bond with other kids and older mentors who have similar learning differences. It has been a confidence booster and an invaluable experience for them, not to mention always a lot of fun!”

W.I.L.D. is open and free to any elementary/middle school student that has a learning difference(s). Each mentee will be partnered with a college student mentor with comparable challenges. The mentee and mentor will meet once a month and work on an art or science project together. These project-based sessions are a fun way for the mentor and mentee to interact and discuss the challenges, both academic and social, that come with learning differences. Through these interactions mentees gain a greater sense of confidence, self-worth, and realize that they are not alone. The location of the meetings will change depending on the project. Dates, times and locations of meetings will be posted on the calendar.

Mentee: “It is kind of cool to meet people who have gone through the same difficulties. It is pretty fun and everyone is really nice.”

To become a mentee, please fill out the Mentee Information Form and email to   Once your form is received, someone from WILD will get in touch with you to get you started in the program.

Mentee: “W.I.L.D. is a little thing to let kids with learning difficulties feel more belonged.”