About Us

Paola D. Vermeer, PhD

Paola D. Vermeer, PhD

I am a research scientist and I study cancer. My desire to start WILD came from watching my eldest son struggle in elementary school due to his dyslexia and dysgraphia. His youngest brother is also dyslexic and dysgraphic and faces similar challenges. While I can provide academic support and emotional encouragement at home, I have not walked in their shoes and have not experienced their struggles. Only those with comparable learning challenges can really understand these struggles. WILD mentors provide this type of support and encouragement and become significant role models for success for those struggling with learning challenges. This is the positive environment that WILD fosters.



Elizabeth McMillan

I am the director for a science based community outreach program. I work with students ranging from kindergarten up through college on science projects and mentoring. I see many very talented students that also struggle with learning challenges and want to provide mechanisms to help meet those struggles.





Daniella Givand

I am a private business owner and operator and I am dyslexic. I struggled in elementary school and through those struggles found how I learn best. I went on to get a law degree and also a masters in criminology. I remember the struggles, both academic and social, that come with being dyslexic and want to provide support for young students facing similar challenges.

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